Work From Home Comments

I thought it would be good to have a section of this website reserved for Work From Home Comments. Place your comments about working from home. So if you have something you want to say and ask questions or maybe you just want to get a discussion going. This is the place for it. If you have some tips about working from home I would like to hear them. You can write as long of a blog post as you want to. If you get up to 300 words in your post, it may get picked up by Google search. If that happens you will get some traffic going to your website. You can add your back link of your blog, personal website or company website in two areas. One link will be what ever you used as your name and the other one can be in the post. I will allow two back links. If you just leave a backlink with little or no content your post will be deleted.

Network marketing post and comments are welcome here. I am a network marketer, so I understand that it is a real business. I will admit that some network marketing companies should not be in business because they are not a real business. Most of these type of companies will be out of business within a year. To read some reviews on some of the better network marketing companies visit Network Marketing Reviews. This is a growing website that will be all about network marketing and will have reviews on many different companies.

Here Are The Rules If You Post

1. Post real comments. Please do not make up comments just to get a back-link.
2. Be respectful of others when commenting.
3. You are welcome to make a post up to 500 words.

More to come as this site gets bigger.

Add your work from home comments below.