Tips to Become a Guest Blogger

If you want to do guest blogging, that means you are trying to network and get your name out there in order to draw people to your own blog, website, product, or service. The trick is that sometimes to do guest blogging you already have to have your name out there. In other cases, you can go through companies that hire people just to guest blog.

If you already know a few people who blog, you might try asking them if they want to swap blogs. This means that you will write a post for their blog and they will write one for yours. A fast and easy way to do this is to announce a desire to blog swap on social media. Of course you have to have friends on social media sites that blog in order to do this, but that should not be a problem.

Another way to do guest blogging is to join a site that is specific to bloggers. There are several sites that hire people to write blog posts. The catch is that you may not be able to put a link to your blog on the post like you would be able to do when you blog swap with a writer you know personally.

If your ultimate goal is to get people to search you out to hire you as a blogger, then you really need to make it known how excited you are to blog. Interact with people. Visit their blogs. Show people how successful your own blog is. Talk about blogging…a lot. Offer tips to other bloggers. In effect, what you really need to do to be a guest blogger is to show people why they should allow you to post your words on their site, much less your links. Once you do this, they will come to you all on their own.

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