Three Psychological Techniques to Increase Customer’s Memory of your Business

Starting a business from home can be difficult, especially when it comes to getting your business name or out there and remembered by potential customers. However, there are some things that are psychologically proven to help people remember certain things. Try these tips to increase customers memory of your business.

ColorsĀ and your Business Name

Colors are one of the easiest ways to get customers to remember your business, especially if you are having a business launch event. Certain colors, such as yellow, have an effect on the brain and can be easily remembered. This does not mean that you have to dump the color into everything you do (unless you want to), rather you just have to place it strategically. For example, if you are having a business party at your house and selling items, you could have yellow balloons at the end of your driveway and yellow center pieces around your house. While they may not remember the products, they will remember the business party they went to that had the yellow centerpieces.

Information Related to your Business Name

Studies have proven that people are more likely to remember information they are given, if the information is given in smaller, bite-sized chunks. It is estimated that a person handles 40 million pieces of information every day. Presenting information in smaller chunks will help the brain to really process the information and put it into your memory. Having a business name that is easily remembered or can be used for your domain name of your website can help.


It may sound weird but most people actually connect memories with the smells that were present at the time and then will remember details when they smell the same smell in other situations. This can be used to any businesses advantage by creating a smell that will attach to positive memories that customers will have with your business. This connection happens because smells activate the same centers of the brain as memory and also causes chemical releases in the brain that will enhance memory. For example, Hollister sprays its cologne throughout the store several times per day to ensure that people will remember the store and the times they had their.

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