Established Network Marketing Companies

Well Established Network Marketing Companies

Network Marketing MLM
Network Marketing MLM


I is best to join established network marketing companies. Avon was founded in 1886 as a direct marketing company where people gave out brochures that featured mostly beauty products. Today millions of women and a handful of men still work for Avon and this is a good way to find independent work, earn income for yourself and recruit new people to work for the company. Many Avon reps just pass out their catalogs out to people and take orders.

Mary Kay Cosmetics

This is Avon’s main rival and this company also sells beauty products through a distribution network that involves primarily independent sellers who visit people to promote and sell the items listed in the company’s brochures.


This network marketing company is focused on promoting better health through its’ products so if you are a fan of healthy living and you want to earn a decent income, you may want at looking at joining this company. The startup costs are not high and the products you’ll sell are of high quality. This company has been in business for over 30 years and should be around for many more years to come.


This company is similar to Herbalife in that its’ products are designed to help people live healthier lives through a nutritious diet. When you sign up with Vemma as a network marketer, you receive bonuses and monetary rewards for exceeding your sales goals and it is a great way to take advantage of a great financial opportunity.

Established Network Marketing Companies
Established Network Marketing Companies

Conclusion And Income Claims

Network marketing can be a profitable opportunity if you choose the right company for your needs and if you have a realistic view of your earning potential with the company. Avoid companies that have existed for less than five years because you need to see if those companies will succeed in coming years. When you sign up with a network marketing company you want to read the terms carefully and contact technical support if you have questions. Finally, always give an honest account of the products you sell to potential customers.

Established Network Marketing Companies

There are a lot of new companies coming to the network marketing industry. Most never make it past their 1st year in business. The network marketing business is now more regulated than it has been in the past. The days are over where companies make claims that you will get wealthy in the business in no time. Some companies representatives were dishonest with their over exaggerated claims to new people looking to get into business. The FTC, Federal Trade Commission does not put up with these type of pie in the sky income claims anymore. Many established network marketing companies have been warned and are careful as to what they tell people.

Direct Sales Opportunity

Direct Sales Opportunity
Direct Sales Opportunity

A direct sales opportunity is a type of work that can allow a person to have full flexibility. An individual who performs this type of work can usually work from home and set his or her desired hours. Direct sales jobs are sales and marketing positions that people conduct mostly over the Internet. The jobs may involve making phone calls and eventually visiting people’s homes. The requirements vary depending on the company that is offering the direct sales venture. Anyone with the right personality can conduct direct sales.

How Do Direct Sales Work?

Direct sales work on a commission-based structure. The salesperson deals directly with customers and attempts to sell the products that the issuing provider offers. Examples of some companies that offer direct sales work are beauty supply establishments, health food companies, telecommunications companies, clothing and accessories companies, and candle companies. Hundreds of companies offer these opportunities to the masses. A business-minded individual can earn a decent salary by taking advantage of one or two of these opportunities.

Companies that sell the products offer people opportunities to earn cash on a multi-tier level. New sellers, consultants and managers have to pay a start-up cost to begin the process. The start-up fee is generally under $100, and the provider usually gives the salesperson a sample of the product to try so that he or she can consult with customers about it. The commission structure from each company varies. The average direct sales job pays approximately 35 to 40 percent in commissions. Each time a member sells the product to an outsider, he or she will earn such a commission.

Some companies have programs where they pay a signup bonus for any new business partners or members that the current one brings to the team. Some companies promise new members a passive income once they get a few people to sign up for the direct sales opportunity. Many people speak highly of direct sales jobs, while others may not appreciate their benefits.

Qualities of a Direct Salesperson

Any person who wishes to participate in a direct sales job must possess certain qualities. The most important quality a person must have is desire or motivation. Sales do not occur without a strong effort from the selling party. Therefore, a new salesperson should be sure to only sell for companies that offer products that he or she likes. The enthusiasm for the products will help the person to meet sales goals if such exist.

A direct salesperson must be able to openly communicate with the public. This person must be highly knowledgeable about the product and willing to explain every aspect of it to any potential customers. The individual also has to have a friendly demeanor and inviting body language.

Getting Started With Your Direct Sales Opportunity

Any person who is interested in direct sales can conduct a search for direct sales opportunities. The best thing about direct sales is that a motivated person can build his or her start-up business today by signing up with direct sales company for an opportunity.