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SEO Site Analytics
SEO Site Analytics

Search engine optimization experts and analysts use a variety of tools to get best results. To stay afloat in the competitive market it is necessary to have efficient SEO strategy. There are number of ways to work your SEO strategies out to perfection.The key is to have a know how on techniques , vital tweaks and tools of search engine optimization. Implementing your killer SEO strategy is not a cakewalk without knowing your way around with online tools. For instance , content marketing which has a major share in theĀ search engine optimization area deals with a whole lot of tools to with sole concept of ‘keyword’.

Using SEO Key Word Tools

Some of the powerful SEO tools include adwords keyword planner, Google analytics , wordstream and many more. First step to a successful SEO strategy is keyword research and adwords keyword planner. The Adwords tool is the most effective one in this category. Stats that Adwords keyword planner provides are accurate and easy to use. Its the best tool to use to search volumes of keyword and thus know what your customers are after. Another keyword tool, keyword eye basic works best in a more visual way. Ntopic is useful to find out how relevant the content keywords are when doing optimization.

XML Sitemaps For Better SEO

Webmasters and SEO experts would find XML sitemap generators very useful to create XML sitemaps so the search engines can find the pages of your website. Microsoft Free SEO toolkit is a package that performs a complete list of functions that most of other SEO tools do. Below is a list of some of the other tools that are on the market.

  • Linkstant can be used to keep track of new links to your website.
  • Copyscape is one of the finest content marketing tool every webmaster must know about. It helps confirm that you don’t have duplicated content on your site.
  • robots.txt files could be created with tools like Robots.txt Generator.
  • SEMrush reveals how sites compete and perform in terms of traffic, keywords and rankings.
  • Xenu’s Link Sleuth checks sites for broken links and it is a SEO tool which should never be missed out.

Some of the tools above are free or offer a free lite version of the tool. Most offer several different price points to purchase the tools based on the number of websites you will be using them on. This article is just the start to search engine optimization. There will be more articles added on the subject of SEO.