Search Engine Optimization Changes Coming In 2017

Search Engine Optimization 2017

Search Engine Optimization changes coming in 2013 will effect how some will do SEO in the future. Proper SEO is so important as to how much traffic you are going to get to your website. The problem is that there are many people getting their search engine ranking of their websites with un-natural ways. What do I mean by un-natural ways. Lets take backlinks which is one of the most important things you can have for a website. You will want your backlinks to be coming from websites that have the same kind of information like your site has on it. It’s best for these backlinks to be natural backlinks. What are narural backlinks? These are people that link to your websites content and then saying”I like this persons site so I am going to link to their website”. This is natural. Un-natural on the other hand is you paying to get backlinks for a site like yours. It’s un-natural because it is a paid link.

What follows is a video from Matt Cutts that will explain “What should we expect in the next few months in terms of SEO for Google?”

I have included a list of other articles that will talk about some of these changes and how other people in the field of SEO or Search Engine Optimization feel about what will happen and how it will effect people and their websites.
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There is a lot of buzz on the internet but I find if you just listen to Matt Curts and do as he says I think you have nothing to worry about. Now if you are one of those people getting thousands of links from pay for service I think you will find that you are just waisting your money. Make good or GREAT content and tweet about it and get the word out about it and the natural links should come your way. That is what I will start doing with the page of this article when I finish it. Then I hope like crazy that people backlink to me and like my comments and tweets and Facebook post. All these add up to social signals and helps in search endine optimization of my webpage and website.

Thanks for stopping, If you have anything to add to this feel free to post a comment below. I will try to answer your questions on search engine optimization.