Motor Club Of America Scam

Is Motor Club Of America A Scam?

There are many reviews about the Motor Club Of America scam. Some reviews point to the price of the motor club plans and that it has an element that is associated with network marketing or MLM as the issue. I am a member of the company but do not have a motor club plan offered by Motor Club Of America Plans. I do not participate in the network marketing part that is known as TVC. So you can be a MCA representative and market the motor club plans without paying any money out of your own pocket. You also do not have to do the network marketing side of the business either. You can just market and sell the motor club plans to make money. Now that does not sound like a Motor Club Of America Scam, does it?

Motor Club Of America Scam

How can this be a scam when you can market the motor club plans and make money when someone buys a plan. My personal thoughts are that other representatives do not tell people this. They make it sound like you have to have a plan you have purchased from them in order to market the companies motor club plans. That’s not true! If you need a plan and like what you see then get one from Motor Club Of America. If you just want to market the motor club plans then just Join For Free and you may make some extra money if you sell some plans.  Click on the Become An Associate link under our picture.

Before joining I suggest that you do your research to make sure you are cut out for this type of business. You will be offering motor club policies (not insurance) along with a business opportunity. If you feel this is something you can benefit from continue reading to learn more.

“Motor Club of America allows you to build your career as they provide the most benefits and advantages in the Motor Club business industry. Our company is rapidly growing and Motor Club of America is searching for talented, creative and outstanding individuals who are motivated. We provide opportunity for individuals to experience excitement, challenge and amazing rewards of working in a quick growing successful environment.” All training is in your company back office website and not provided by me or other representatives in the business.

MCA Total Security Membership Plan

Motor Club Of America Scam
Motor Club Of America Scam

The Total Security membership will give you an amazing emergency road service that includes 100 miles of unlimited towing. You don’t need to worry about your membership calls expiring or running out every year, as we have you covered! Being a member, you will have the enjoyment of numerous discounts available at over thousands of locations throughout the United States and Canada. Your membership card, bumper sticker, key chain and savings card will come to you by the United States Postal Service within fourteen days. Your Motor Club Of America Total Security membership benefits will include:
• Unlimited Service Calls
• Tire Change
• Up to 100 Miles of Towing
• Battery Services
• Two Gallons of Fuel Delivery
• Locksmith Service
Added Benefits:
• Travel Assistance Reimbursement
• Trip Planning
• Travel Reservations
• Arrest and Bail Bonds
• Hotel and Motel Discounts
• Rental Car Discounts
• Daily Hospital Benefits up to $54,000

Note: Services may vary from plan to plan and state to state and can change.

MCA Career and Business Opportunity Details

We are the only Motor Club to pay our customers when they get others to purchase a motor club plan.
Does your current Motor Club pay you to join? Our customers are now earning full and part time income just by referring others to join the Motor Club Of America.

“Motor Club of America has earned nationwide attention due to their referral program.  If you refer just three customers to our company, then you will earn enough income to pay your premium for a whole year. That is your money to pay the bill or do what you want. If you take advantage of our Total Security Plan, then you will be able to see our services to people. For over 80 years, selling our benefits has been the core of our business. Anyone interested in becoming a sales associate are more than welcome. Always feel free to introduce this amazing offer to everyone.”

Why Choose a Career with MCA?
• Interesting work that assist others with protection, while executing marketing strategies
• You and your family will be covered with the Total Security Plan
• Free Training
• Excellence will be rewarded
• Online enrollment for new orders
• And much more!

Business Opportunity and Compensation Plan Information

For every MCA membership that you sell you will earn $80.00 to $90.00 commission for each referral. For a quick example, if you enroll ten people ($84.00 x 10 =$840.00) that is what you would make for that week. Pretty impressive. Every sale you have before midnight on Saturday, you will be paid the following Friday. Your pay will be directly deposited into your bank account.

Membership is only $39.90 to get started and only $19.95 for each month. This provides 24/7 Motor Club protection. What are you waiting for? Start today and be on the way to having an exciting and profitable career in this business opportunity!

Remember that you can join for free and market the motor club plans without having a plan yourself. This should debunk the Motor Club Of America Scam.