Most Profitable Way For The Average Person To Make Money Online

How To Make Money Online

The #1 question most newbies to internet marketing ask is – “How can I Make Money Online?

Well, in this article, I’m going to reveal exactly how, step by step.

This method has been tried and tested over and over again, and works as well today as it did ten years ago. Although slightly more competitive now, anyone can do it, and you can get started with nothing.

Once you’re making money, you can then make your life easier by outsourcing the manual tasks involved. And you can go after bigger and bigger (and therefore more profitable) opportunities.

The Method Is Called “Product Jacking”

Kind of a weird name, right?

Well, the money involved here is certainly not “weird”.

There are many documented testimonials of people earning six and even seven figures doing this, sometimes within months.

The basic idea is simple:

You target popular product names in Google that have affiliate programs.

So let’s say you want to target the weight loss niche.

And let’s say there’s a product called “how to get flat six pack abs”. It’s one of the most popular “weight loss” ebooks in the world, and the product owner drives millions of visitors a month to his website.

Well, there’s a very good chance that LOTS of his potential customers will turn to Google for reviews before going ahead and buying the product. And that’s where you come in.

Review, Profit, Bank

Ideally, what you want to do is create either a YouTube video or a niche website that reviews that product in detail.

Then you want to get that property ranked #1 in Google (or as close as possible) in the search results.

If someone likes your review and trusts what you’re saying, and clicks your affiliate link and buys the product, you get paid a commission. You can do this over and over again in every niche you can imagine, and there are literally hundreds of thousands of products out there you can jack.

Of course, the best products to jack are popular information products where the owner is working hard to drive lots of traffic to his or her sales letter every day. Again, chances are, a lot of these leads will turn to Google for reviews.

Unfortunately, these products are often the most competitive to rank for. But as long as you’re determined and persistent, you can get there.

My #1 Recommendation: Use YouTube To Make Money Online

Without a doubt, the quickest and simplest way to get ranked in Google for just about any product name you can imagine is by using YouTube. Which makes sense, given that Google make A LOT of money from YouTube traffic.

Here’s what I recommend you do to Make Money Online:

Create a very straight forward, honest review like this one. It’s important not to go overboard about recommending the product. Always remember that people use Google to find negative – not positive – reviews. So yes, you can say nice things, but bring up the annoying stuff as well, as long as it’s not a deal breaker.

For example, the audio quality might not be great in some of the videos. That’s irritating for sure, but it won’t stop you from buying a good course.

If you’re not sure what to write, use Google to find forum reviews. These are usually non biased and will give you a good idea what people do and don’t like about the product.

Getting To The Top Of Google

Again, it’s much easier if you use YouTube videos, but either way it can be a long, boring battle if you’re targeting competitive keywords. There are two qualities you’ll need: patience and persistence.

First thing’s first, whatever you do, don’t hammer your property with backlinks. With the latest Google updates, that will probably get you a big fat Google slap.

Second, the key is quality, not quantity. Forget about using hundreds of thousands of spammy software links. Not only are they less effective now, they’re like to get you Google slapped.

And besides, two or three high quality links from authority domains can outrank a site with 200,000 shady links.

The key is to use contextual links from quality, related blogs. These are very powerful right now (and always have been). But they’re also the hardest to get.

You’ve got two options: build a private blog network (expensive) or write articles for popular related blogs that accept guest posts. The latter is my favorite, because you can sometimes get quality, targeted traffic from these sites as well.

And That’s It

Again, write or film quality reviews, focus on getting quality backlinks, and sit back and wait until you get ranked. When you’re building links, again, sometimes you only need two or three high quality links to rank, but the key is patience and persistence. It can take weeks or even months for these links to work, so be sure to sit tight in the meantime.

Once you’re ranked though, it’s 100% passive income. Each day, the traffic comes in, people buy the product, and you get paid over and over again, just like that.

Then all you have to do is rinse and repeat. Not only can you make a great living with this method, you could virtually build an empire out of it, all with free traffic from Google you will now be able to make money online.