MLM SEO Strategies

Smart SEO Strategies For Promoting A Home-Based Network Marketing Business

Entrepreneurs, students, housewives and unemployed individuals often make money from online home-based businesses but know nothing about search engine optimization also known as SEO strategies. Many people who get into MLM (also known as multilevel marketing) want to promote the business online and do not know where to start. MLM is synonymous with network marketing or direct sales where people sell their finished products, business plans and affiliate services to earn income, commissions and bonuses.

Nature Of Online Network Marketing

Individuals who are in charge of selling products to reputed chains or recruiting other members in their network marketing company are known as sponsors. They work just like real-life brokers and agents. However, the earning pattern with MLM is slightly different. When associated with a MLM business, the sponsors get commissions for recruiting new members. Moreover, they make extra money when their recruits make purchases or recommend the company’s service to new customers. What’s more? They even get a fraction of total profit incurred by their company. You have the potential of earning a little money or a whole lot of money in the MLM industry, you should opt for the whole lot more money. However, you must understand that in order to be a successful sponsor, you first need to promote your business to the target audience. You have face to face promotion and then you have online promotion. We are going to cover the online part of marketing your MLM business online in the rest of this article.
How To Promote Your MLM Business Online

Online marketing is a quick and effective strategy to gain exposure worldwide. All you’ve to do is create an attractive lead page (a website or blog) where people can sign-in and get information on your services. Post essential details your name, company name, contact details and business nature on the website and make provisions for the audience to leave their email addresses there. This way, you can easily get back to your potential customers and involve them in your opportunity.

MLM SEO Strategies For Your Business

Here are a few strategies you can use to grow your business online. I am assuming that you already have a personal website for your network marketing business.

1. SEO or “search engine optimization” is a reliable method of enlisting your website on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. You just have to figure out your keywords or “search phrases” that can get you the most online exposure. Use free tools like Google Adwords for this task. Incorporate these search terms in your website content to land on the top charts of these search engines. I suggest you purchase a new book on search engine optimization. Do not rely on one that is even a year old because this is a changing market. Better yet find a website or blog that stays up to date with the latest changes in the world on SEO.

2. You may advertise your business on public forums, blogs and online advertising sites plus classified ad sites like Backpage, US FreeAds, Craigslist and others. This way more and more people will be able to see your business.

3. Social bookmarking is an equally effective strategy. You may use sites like StubleUpon or Digg for your MLM business. Nonetheless, you might have to recruit an expert marketer who can bookmark your home page on reputed sites to generate public interest plus this helps your site in SEO.

4. Social media marketing is a quick and tested strategy for search engine optimization. Use sites like Twitter and Facebook to create brand identity. Simply uploading pictures, sharing statuses or posting comments won’t do. Think out-of-the-box! Create fan pages, upload animated videos, start online contents and polls to spark customer’s curiosity.

5. You may use a social influencer or a celebrity for brand promotion. Recently, a chocolate-milk manufacturing company from California hired actor Charlie Sheen for promoting their milk shakes. When she “tweeted” photographs carrying a milk bottle in her hands, on her Twitter timeline, the company was immediately swamped with media attention. Smart, isn’t it? On you can find a famous look a like person that will do this for $5 to $25.

Thus, using smart search engine optimization techniques, you can easily gain a loyal fan following online and take your business on a higher level.

Use MLM SEO Strategies To Rank In The Search Engines

Lets Dig Into Search Engine Optimization

There is a lot more to search engine optimization then what is listed above. Most of the time you will be starting with a website and have very few visitors going to it. When you look for your website in a Google or Bing search you are nowhere to be found. You look through the first 10 to 20 pages and your website is nowhere to be found. This is normal. It takes time for a new website to be picked up by the search engines and get indexed or ranked. When the search do find and rank your website it is on page 8 through 20 somewhere. Most people never make it past the 3rd page when they do a search for whatever they are looking for. The fact is that 80% to 90% of the people never make it to the 2nd page of a search.

What many people should do is focus in on a keyword that is used along with their main keyword.

My Personal Example:
Your website is named “Best Weight Loss Products In The World” . You figure you want to rank in the search engines for weight loss. You and a million other people want to rank for that same word phrase “Weight Loss“. It is almost impossible to rank anywhere in the first 5 pages of a Google search for “Weight Loss”. So instead of using this keyword you may want to rank for something else that may describe some of your weight loss products.

Maybe your weight loss products have a weight loss drink. It would be easier to rank in the search engines for weight loss drinks then it would be for weight loss. Lets go a step further and maybe your weight loss drink stands out for something else. Maybe it has a nick name, or a special taste or color. I know one company that has a nickname for their weight loss drink, they call it “The Pink Drink” for weight loss. The drink is actually called Plexus Slim but over 5 years ago people started calling it “The Pink Drink”. You can also use what is called long-tailed keywords. In this case you would search for “pink drink for weight loss“. All I am trying to say is it is easier to rank on the 1st or 2nd page of the search engines for long-tailed key words then it is for single words. Weight Loss is hard to rank for but “weight loss pink drink” is a lot easier to rank for. You do not have as many people searching for weight loss pink drink so more people will probably find you. If you do the 5 steps that are listed at the top of this article, then you will have a good chance of showing up in the search engine searches. Another thing is it takes time for your website to move up in rank. I tell people it will take 6 months or more to make it to the top 2 or 3 pages of a search engine search. If your website is not optimized probably then it may never make it there.

We have only covered about 5% of what it takes to optimize a website to get it to rank good in the search engines. There is a whole lot more that needs to be covered and that will come in later articles. For now do what I have covered above and you will be doing more than 95% of the rest of the people on the internet. This 5% above is one of the most important parts of search engine optimization. We will be covering more MLM SEO Strategies in the future.

So which is better? Trying to rank for the word weight loss and no one finds you or rank for weight loss pink drink and people find you and your website. My vote is for people finding me!

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MLM SEO Strategies That Work