Home Wine Tasting Parties are a Fun Way to Make Money

Many of us like to have a glass of wine with friends. Few imagined this simple pleasure could become a lucrative home business. For generations, home parties have been an excellent way to earn money and maintain a flexible schedule that works around your family. From plastic containers to lingerie, women have sold a variety of wares for profit. Now home wine tasting parties are fun way to make money by doing something you already love.

Wine Enthusiasts are Welcome

A wine enthusiast does not have to have a vast knowledge of wines. All it takes is a passion for what you do. As you conduct more parties, you will learn more about wine. People might ask certain questions you want to answer. Some knowledge of wine and basic marketing skills are all you need to make money. You can build your own successful home-based business as a Traveling Vineyard Independent Wine Consultant. Make your own hours and write your own paycheck by working part-time or full-time. If you like wine and what you do, it is sure to show during your home parties. This will make your business grow over time.

The Tasting Room Right at Home

Wine lovers travel long distances to visit vineyards and sample wines at tasting rooms. Some people even plan vacations around wine tasting venues. A Traveling Vineyard Independent Wine Consultant brings the tasting room to anyone’s home. Guests enjoy the unique experience of a wine tasting in their friend’s living room. You pour the wine and watch everyone have a good time. Guests have an opportunity to order their favorite wines. As long as the guests like wine, they are likely to make a purchase by the end of the party. If they have a great time, guests might decide to book their own parties. Your marketing efforts pay off and you start to make money by sharing great wines. The products are affordable and accessible so they sell themselves. Hosts of a free home wine tasting also have a chance to earn excellent gifts.

People Want Wine

If someone asked you which country consumes the most wine, you might answer France or Italy. While these countries are famous for serving wine with meals, the United States just became the largest wine consuming nation on the globe. The opportunity to make money is unlimited. With the right marketing techniques, your Traveling Vineyard business will thrive. All you need to do is be personable and professional to make money. Ask your friends and family to have a wine tasting party. Soon everyone will be talking about it and want to have their own parties. Tasting wine at home is an wonderful way to spend a few hours with people you like. Encourage people to get creative and have a wine tasting event in their backyard or by the pool. It is a unique experience they might not be able to have anywhere else and you deliver it right to their door.

Getting Started

It is easy to get started in your own home based business. You just demonstrate the wines at wine tasting events while the host serves simple food pairings. Everyone learns more about wine while they eat and drink together. Once you tell everyone you know and have your first party, the word starts to spread quickly. Most Traveling Vineyard Independent Wine Consultants get the average of two referrals per party. When you decide to commit yourself to the business, you can start to work at home. Schedule events and start demonstrating wines all over your neighborhood. You get plenty of support from your mentor and team leader. There is also comprehensive online training and the Traveling Vineyard community to help you get going in the right direction.