Home Office Design Checklist

There are many things that need to be considered when designing your new home office. For the best productivity and room energy, follow this simple checklist to ensure you’re making the best of your new space. Having fun with your office design and decor is very important, if you try to rush through it, you may regret some decisions you made too quickly.

Equal spacing; ensure that there are not cluttered spaces on one side of the room while other spaces in the room are empty. Use each area of your office to the fullest extent possible while keeping it looking tidy and organized.

Healthfulness; ensure that your new home office location is near natural sunlight or has a window. Another thing to consider is the air ventilation quality and the heating in the room. Close access to a restroom and food facilities is also important in the healthfulness factor of your office design. You also want to make sure you are not putting your office where loud noises or distractions are present.

Agility; is your office going to be stuck the first way you put it, or can it be moved around later in the future. Make sure your office has plenty of lighting throughout and also has plug-ins for all of the electronics you plan on putting in your office area. This is so that if you decide to move your office around, you won’t be stuck with only one outlet for your computer and other electronics.

Make your home office for comfort.

Comfort; can you adjust the room temperature, is the lighting and sound adjustable; most importantly will you be able to fit the proper furnishings into this office space, such as a desk, comfortable office chair, and maybe a couch or other comfortable seating arrangements for your office guests or employees.

Connectivity; is your new office located in an area that gets high speed internet, and telephone service. You will want to make sure of this before you decide whether the design of the office will work for you and your employees. Dcor; is the room already decorated, or will there be room for decorating. Having a boring room with white walls will likely make you tired, while too much going on will distract you. Choose dcor that isn’t too distracting and will help to motivate you during the day. Artwork or paintings on the walls make an office space look professional; photos of your family are great conversation starters. A clock, calendar, and other useful, butdecorative items are a great way to decorate your home office space.

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