Original Content Wanted

I am looking for your post to add original content to this website. This website is about “Work From Home Moms” and what kind of things they do from home to make money. There are all sorts of things that can be done from home to make money including doing what I’m asking for here. I’m looking for content for this website and some women make a living writing articles for peoples websites and blogs. That is just one thing you can do but the list is long and there is usually something that you can find to make money from home.

Adding your Original Content article

When you place a post on this website that is your original content you get to add a link back to your post or article that you write. By posting your article with your link will help you get traffic to your home business website if you have one. Your link is also important because it is a back-link to your website and you need back-links to get your website up in the search results of the search engine results. You also need content on your website to get it up in the search engine rankings. By me letting you post on my website helps me and it helps you also. As this website grows in popularity it will get more visitors and the more visitors it gets the more likely that someone reads your article and clicks on your link. So my goal with this website is to grow it with your content and also with my own content that I write.

What I am looking for in an original content article.

Some of the articles you submit with outstanding original content may actually get added to special places on this website. If I get an article that stands out above all the rest for some reason I may use it as a page on this site or put it in my favorite post section of this site. You may wonder how you can get your article listed as a special article?

Here is a list of things I am looking for:
1. Outstanding original content.
2. Articles over 500 words long.
3. Articles that are linked to from your website if you have one.
4. Articles with blogs post linking back to the article.
5. Articles that you will Tweet about and give the URL to the article in the Tweet.
6. Unique content that is different and in some cases unusual.
7. How to do articles about a home business opportunities.
8. Reviews about home business opportunities.
9. Reviews about companies offering home business opportunities including Network Marketing.

There are other things I am looking for but this list is a good place to start. I will say that I do favor longer articles as long as they are good solid information and not just a rambling on article just to have a longer article. There may be articles that are only 300 words long that I pick as a unique article and add it as a favorite. Many times it will come down to quality of content and where the link goes to that you added on the article.

Things I do not want in articles:
1. No adult content with sex, gambling, hate, racism and other objectionable content.
2. Short articles under 300 words.
3. Poorly written articles with misspelled words.

Note: I reserve the right to reject any article I see fit. I may reject the article for no apparent reason. Maybe I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. All I’m saying is just because you submit an article to this website does not mean it will automatically be published. I will not turn down many articles and post to this website but there is always a few that do get rejected. I owe you no reason as to why I reject your article.

Benefit by original content articles.

I have tried to cover what I am looking for the best I can. I believe I am being fair and that both of us can benefit from your articles being posted on this website. I look forward to getting your articles and making them a part of this site. I also hope I can find some regular posters that I can feature in a special column on this site. If you are an author that writes articles that people follow or you have a following already then we may be able to form some type of ongoing working relationship. I may even put a column up of “My Favorite Writers” and feature your articles. If I can get win win relationships going that would be great.

Make money from home writing articles.
Start A Home Business Writing Articles

You can write to me, the owner of this website at: Robin Elsenrath webtizing@yahoo.com
Important: In the subject line of your email write in all caps “ARTICLE-WORKFROMHOMEMOM.NET”
I will usually respond within 24 hours. If not send it a second time as I may have missed it.

Thanks for stopping by and remember “Content Is King” and Original Content is definitely wanted for this website.

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