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It's a fairly narrow range, honestly, to begin with, right? Enbridge stock holds firm as third quarter results offer some key reasons, beyond its financial strength, to buy this undervalued 9% yielding dividend stock.The post Enbridge (TSX:ENB) Q3 Earnings Call: 3 Key Takeaways appeared first on The Motley Fool Canada. I think, Matthew, it will be interesting to see the LNG dynamics for one, for sure. Republication or redistribution of Thomson Reuters content, including by framing or similar means, is prohibited without the prior written consent of Thomson Reuters. So I think that's the plan right now, and we're supportive of that. So we're now into the Q&A. On permitting in late February, the Pollution Control Agency issued a draft 401 and closed their public comment period in April. Linda EzergailisTD Securities Equity Research - Research Analyst. The business really has started to turn a little bit towards its roots, which is a regulated entity. Got it. The rest of it is $50 million here, $100 million there. In April, the Chicago area and Minnesota refineries were still running near their normal heavy crude slate or about 90% of their normal Mainline take. My question is on storage. Sure. So I guess just the confirmation on where your liquidity is right now. Do the numbers hold clues to what lies ahead for the stock? Gray Oak's not been operational that long, but just in the last month or so, kind of what you guys have seen in the near term. We continue to be in regular contact with each agency providing ongoing business updates, and based on our discussions, we have no reason to believe that their assessments have changed either. Enbridge Inc Q2 2019 Earnings Call Aug 2, 2019, 9:00 a.m. I'm going to expand on those issues in a few minutes when we discuss the Mainline outlook and contracting. But that's a big number, and it translates, calendar-wise, into funding access efficiency through the end of '21, which is, basically by design. And moreover, we'll be even more resilient over the long term as many of these cost actions sustain. Together, these 3 asset sales reflect our continued focus on capital allocation, discipline and further reinforce our financial flexibility. Another slice to the pie and absolutely great and underappreciated business in our view is the gas distribution utility, one of North America's largest and fastest growing. We now have 3 large offshore wind farms in operation and several in development. The Motley Fool Canada » Dividend Stocks » Enbridge (TSX:ENB) Q3 Earnings Call: 3 Key Takeaways, Karen Thomas, MSc, CFA | November 6, 2020 | More on: ENB ENB. I'll go first. I suppose there could be some further COVID-related issues through permitting, but we haven't really seen much of that yet. This includes today's announcement that we're selling 49% of our equity interest in 3 French offshore wind projects to our financial partner. We include the Mainline CTS agreement in this category, and here's why. You got to keep in mind, these all pale in size and scope by comparison to Texas Eastern. It's designed to be something that's possible. The diversification of assets, cash flows and commercial underpinnings allow us to weather this storm well. "We weathered the storm well, but we're monitoring the signposts very carefully," Monaco said during the July 29 earnings call. That's an export region, of course, so the Nelson Index compares favorably to global refiners. That includes salary rollbacks across the organization, including myself, senior management and the Board. We'll be boring and under the radar but churn out some nice growth. That's about $300 million. On Enbridge’s earnings conference call today, we got that and so much more. So the Corps can either choose to use a local permit or a Nationwide Permit. On the top right, 98% of our EBITDA is underpinned by cost of service, long-termtake-or-pays or similar structures. All Rights Reserved. So the combination of that with our lower tolls and us accessing the most competitive markets, I think that puts us in very good position. But I think it's fair to say that you're seeing refinery utilization tracking upwards as we've progressed through this -- through April and into May. In terms of our response, we implemented our business continuity plans very early on, with the priority of protecting our people. Because prior to the COVID situation, we were 40% or 50% apportioned upstream. ET Contents: Prepared Remarks Questions and Answers Call… As your browser does not support javascript you won't be able to use all the features of the website. I think we're very keen on developing and growing it. I think you've mentioned reopening the border and lifting travel restrictions. Liquids had record Mainline volumes and higher throughput on our Gulf Coast Access pipes, and gas transmission saw higher revenue from the new TETCO rates. (Operator Instructions) Rob Hope from Scotiabank is online with a question. The only thing I think I'll add, Jeremy, and you're very close to this, is in Bill's business, I think it's a subtle point, but he and his team have been advancing a number of rate cases on the various gas systems, which is quietly bolstering and stepping up our return on that business in kind of a boring way. Enbridge (ENB) came out with quarterly earnings of $0.62 per share, beating the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $0.51 per share. 2019 Fourth Quarter Earnings Webcast and Conference Call. But I think that's the way we're looking at this good first quarter. The stock is supported by strong cash flows and a very generous dividend yield. Enbridge shares have lost about 23.1% since the beginning of the year versus the S&P 500's decline of -11.8%. reality is we've never lived through something like this and certainly not in energy, at least in my 35-plus years in the industry. And you're absolutely right, heavy crude will be the first crude pulled because that type of crude provides the best refinery margins or crack spreads. Moving to Slide 9 and our renewable power business, which generates about 5% of our consolidated EBITDA. NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 3, 2018 / Enbridge Inc. will be discussing their earnings results in their Q2 Earnings Call to be held on August 3, 2018 at 9:00 AM Eastern Time.To listen to … Vern, I don't know if you want to comment on Western Canada or our own operational tankage at all. The draft permit was comprehensive and concluded that our construction plans meets its standards, so that's important, too. © 2020 The Motley Fool Canada, ULC. And I think you put your finger on it. In an odd way, sort of shifting gears a bit, the -- a slightly higher gas price strengthens a number of the producers that are contract holders on our system, especially in Appalachia, so -- which is -- we have a fair presence in Appalachia. So what you're effectively saying is that it wouldn't be an impediment and you have a very good offering for your shippers? This group would have seen this slide before, which illustrates our low-risk pipeline utility model, but we've expanded it a bit here to show the various commercial structures and put our Liquids Mainline in the bigger-picture Enbridge context. EVENT DATE/TIME: MAY 07, 2020 / 1:00PM GMT. In terms of balance sheet metrics, for the full year, we continue to expect debt-to-EBITDA to be well within our 4.5 to 5x target range. And the explanation about rail being impacted first and coming back last definitely makes sense, but trying to navigate these unprecedented environment for North American crude markets. Enbridge also has renewable assets in North America and Europe, and these assets ensure Enbridge’s long-term health and viability. We've sold another $400 million of assets this year as we continue to recycle or high grade our capital. So I think we talked about probably the biggest piece, which is about $300 million of the $1 billion, which was the mechanical, just best-case time shift for Line 3 U.S. I think that's important. And for the last 6 years, we've increased capacity and maximized utilization even in the 2009 financial crisis and the 2015 commodity downturn. And we have strong investment-grade customers there as well. Yes, it's fairly mechanical. You want to take the first shot at that? Okay. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. And I will say we have a pretty good inventory of projects in development in Europe, and that's our focus right now. I'd say, at this moment, the exit part of your question, I mean, it would be consistent with the fact that we sold the rest of our G&P businesses, but I think as you'll recall, we've got a bit of a tax basis issue there that makes that more challenging. Enbridge Inc. (ENB) CEO Al Monaco on Q3 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript SA Transcripts Nov. 06, 2020 4:57 PM ET Enbridge: Strong Potential In Renewables For This Stable 8%-Yielder (NYSE:ENB) (RTTNews) - Enbridge Inc.(ENB) will host a conference call at 9:00 AM ET on May 7, 2020, to discuss its Q1 20 earnings result. They're now considering the public comments before making a certification decision. And so you see from the Texas Eastern rate case that that's -- that provides some -- I wouldn't -- I guess you'd call it a growth opportunity, if you want. 95% of our customers are investment grade with strong balance sheets, and you've seen our list before. But I would say we're very close to a settlement on Algonquin, and we would expect that to be a positive impact. Yes. Just curious, for 1/3 of them -- and I'm thinking pipes like DAPL or Gray Oak and Express and Platte, when you say they're take-or-pay, are you saying they're 80% to 90% take-or-pay and just 10% walkup is open? That's great. Further, we continue to grow the utility rate base through customer growth in the area of 40,000 to 50,000 new customers per year, and we're achieving our target synergies from the amalgamation. Enbridge has generated $2.00 earnings per share over the last year and currently has a price-to-earnings ratio of 40.6. And part of that is strategic drilling reserve has helped that out. In April, the Mainline ran at about 2,450,000 barrels on average. 3 min read Enbridge (ENB) came out with quarterly earnings of $0.62 per share, beating the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $0.51 per … Moving now to Slide 28, where I'll bring it together with some of the financial sensitivities that have informed our 2020 outlook. The market expects Enbridge (ENB Quick Quote ENB - Free Report) to deliver a year-over-year decline in earnings on lower revenues when it reports results for … And so given that we've got a lot of storage pent-up in Western Canada, I think we'll be able to utilize as much of that increased demand that refiners want through this period here. You've tracked those through the years. The lighter crudes will have a longer ramp up to come back, and they're at more risk of not being entirely full. Enbridge Inc. (ENB) CEO Al Monaco on Q1 2019 Results - Earnings Call Transcript. So that's how we look at them. I think we still have generally a pretty low basis in our DCP tax position. That's probably $200 million. Quarterly Results. Obviously, we're scouring things all the time. This, as you're pointing out, is -- was a very good example. We've proactively issued $4 billion of term debt at attractive rates through April of this year, including an issuance from our A-rated utility, which was the second -- excuse me, or third issuer post COVID, which helped to thaw the Canadian debt capital markets. This includes the sale of the Montana-Alberta Tie Line, and the Ozark Gas system, which combined total about $0.25 billion. I was trying to clarify or confirm with you guys that you guys are also feeding in that 1.5 million production shut-ins in Canada as you triangulate down to your variance for Q2. Those have been divested. No, we are not forecasting a full recovery. The trough that you see in Q2 is expected to be roughly 6 million barrels per day off, with April and May being the worst, and then recovering gradually. Rail usually comes off first and fast given higher cost, then local refinery demand is impacted and then ex Alberta pipes. We're reducing 2020 costs by $300 million. Welcome to the Enbridge … So let me speak briefly to that on Slide 6. I think the answer is yes. So stepping back, looking at things today. And from a broader industry perspective, as we emerge from this pandemic situation and assuming a lower demand curve, how do you see North America pipeline utilization evolving out? COVID has threatened millions of people, and it's hit fast and wide. That's a very good result, especially given the weather drag in the utility and narrower basis differentials in Energy Services relative to last year. And most of our areas, be it Gulf export, whether it's Mexico or LNG, even some of the Northeast utilities where it's challenging to build anything new, small increments of growth crop up. These refiners rely on our system and have limited alternatives. But the bigger thing these days I found is that the supply chain is really well developed. Sure. Collectively, financing costs, maintenance costs and taxes are trending as we have been expecting. I think you are right. And does it essentially price out crude by rail for the medium term? But we haven't just been standing around watching this. So we've favorably received the Minnesota PUC written order here last week, although it took a little bit longer. If you look at the asset base and the opportunity set that comes out of it and you circle back to the $5 billion to $6 billion per year, it's $1 billion to $2 billion for each of our main businesses, which I think is very achievable. Reports & Filings: Download the latest financial reports and investor documents from Enbridge Inc. And again, once we land on the permits, we've said construction should take between 6 to 9 months. And as a reminder, we conservatively planned in 2020, substantially, the entire rest of the Line 3 U.S. spend of $2 billion. As you look through the rest of these drivers, they can consist of a number of smaller puts and takes. Combined, our approach to operating cost actions have been carefully targeted. Today, Enbridge reported its third quarter earnings. The results highlight the resiliency and diversity of our business. So on to that section, please. Just on the DCP position itself, is there any tax benefit that you anticipate rolling off that at this point in time? It's a conservative outlook that potentially debt capital markets could be frozen until then. Do you think higher pricing will be for them to grow or further delever? Contents: Prepared Remarks; Questions and Answers; Call Participants; Prepared Remarks: Operator. And in fact, from both of those markets, there are almost no alternatives but the Enbridge system. And then would you be able to, if the markets completely froze, access the Bank of Canada's commercial paper purchase program plan? And you mentioned the export strategy. Enbridge transports approximately 25% of the crude oil produced in North America. Over the balance of this year, we don't expect much impact from COVID on this business. I think it's the latter where it's -- sorry, it's 80% or 90% take-or-pay and about 10% to 20% is spot or walkup. And the $1 billion that you're deferring, can you put that -- and you may have done this already, and apologies if I misunderstood it. Okay. Matthew, I think, really, our system and the demand in the near term is going to be refinery demand pull-driven. My final comment on the business update is to summarize the priorities. Because of that, DCF per share was about $0.05 higher than budget, which is a plus in terms of how we're looking at the full year. That's a good point. Looking at Slide 10, and I'm looking at kind of some of the other price stats out of the Mainline. So that's now down to $4.5 million, so $4.5 million plus $1 million. And so far, it looks like debt capital markets are thawing and reopening in a constructive manner. Access to energy is essential if economies are to return to pre-COVID levels. CALGARY, AB, July 29, 2020 /CNW/ - Enbridge Inc. (Enbridge or the Company) (TSX: ENB) (NYSE: ENB) today reported second quarter 2020 financial results and provided a quarterly business update.. Second Quarter 2020 Highlights (all financial figures are unaudited and in Canadian dollars unless otherwise noted). But I think you're right, it's -- it should be diversified, solid contribution. Thomson Reuters reserves the right to make changes to documents, content, or other information on this web site without obligation to notify any person of such changes. Enbridge (ENB) Beats Earnings and Revenue Estimates in Q1 finance.yahoo.com May 18, 2020 Enbridge Inc. (ENB) CEO Al Monaco on Q1 2019 Results - Earnings Call Transcript 'Thomson Reuters' and the Thomson Reuters logo are registered trademarks of Thomson Reuters and its affiliated companies. I think, Pat, if you just look at the crack spreads over the last month or 2 here, to go to Vern's point, the heavies have held up pretty good. Turning to Slide 26. The other one is, of course, as I said, production is likely to lag here the demand part of the curve. Nobody argues that we have North America's premier liquids pipeline system. That's what our corporate development people get charged with. Enbridge (ENB) came out with quarterly earnings of $0.62 per share, beating the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $0.51 per share. Enbridge (NYSE:ENB) (TSE:ENB) will post its quarterly earnings results before the market opens on Friday, November 6th. I'd encourage you to read that filing and, hopefully, we'll see a clear time line soon so we can get the process moving again. I'll go first. Shneur Gershuni from UBS is on line with a question. The short answer is yes, Ben, and reason for that being -- I think we've been talking about our view about energy transition, which is obviously going to take a number of decades here moving forward. So moving to the Q1 highlights on Slide 4. We feel like we'll definitely have the lowest toll into the U.S. Midwest and Eastern Canada. Simply click here to discover how you can take advantage of this. Jeremy Tonet from JPMorgan is on line with a question. Earnings … We're earning a very solid ROE due to synergy capture from the amalgamation of our 2 utilities. This is now on Slide 8. And as refinery demand picks up in the U.S. Midwest and elsewhere on our system, we expect that the demand for heavy will pick up first. Please read the Privacy Statement and Terms of Service for more information. I'll now move on to Slide '22 and discuss our secured growth portfolio. I mean they've moved forward pretty quickly on reducing capital. And it means that we're more resilient -- they're more resilient to the downturn and first to recover when demand picks up. This has hit Enbridge hard. (RTTNews) - Enbridge Inc.(ENB) will host a conference call at 9:00 AM ET on May 7, 2020, to discuss its Q1 20 earnings result. Good morning, everybody. Enbridge Inc. (ENB.TO) has not formally confirmed its next earnings publication date, but the company's estimated earnings date is Friday, February 12th, 2021 based off prior year's report dates. These pipes connect directly to the largest end-use markets you see on the map here. And we'll see what happens this quarter on that. Enbridge Inc Q2 2019 Earnings Call Aug 2, 2019, 9:00 a.m. Slide 12 shows how we see this impacting our core markets. Enbridge Inc. ENB is set to report first-quarter 2020 results on May 7, before the opening bell. And after accounting for storage build and exports, the forecast we have is about 3 million to 4 million barrels per day of shut-ins across North America actually happened a little bit faster than we had anticipated. DCF for the first quarter was $1.34 per share compared with $1.37 last year. And so once again, thank you, and have a great rest of your day. So I think it's making sure that we keep resilient is the first priority. For sure, we're very focused on the near term and medium term in terms of protecting the business. So generally, think of it -- we think of it as a shift about a month out in terms of criticality, let's put it that way, to tank tops. But yes, there are some opportunities that we're trying to capture in Energy Services. With respect to May volumes, I think we don't generally talk about what we're seeing intra month just because of commercial and market sensitivities. EBITDA came in at $3.8 billion and DCF at $2.7 billion or $1.34 a share. The fundamentals there are very strong. But if I'm just kind of. In fact, our U.S. Gulf Coast tolls should be the lowest tolls available. To this end, Enbridge is targeting net-zero emissions by 2050 and a 35% reduction in emissions by 2030. Enbridge will announce its financial results before markets open on February 14, 2020. Individual interested in listening to the company's earnings conference call can do so using this link . We remain on track to meet our budget this year. Analysts expect Enbridge to post earnings of $0.41 per share for the quarter. Projects are backed by long-term PPAs, which provide guarantee offtake and pricing. Benjamin PhamBMO Capital Markets Equity Research - Analyst. In the case of refiners and integrated producers, contracting gives them access to reliable feedstock at stable and competitive tolls. The company also moves almost 20% of the natural gas consumed in the U.S., and it owns the third-largest North American natural gas utility. As discussed earlier, we currently expect as much as roughly 300,000 barrels per day on average of lower throughput on the Mainline over the last 3 quarters of this year. That's great to hear. We've got some bolstering actions that will help us stay in the range. Shares of Enbridge (NYSE:ENB) moved higher by 1.2% in pre-market trading after the company reported Q3 results. Michael Lapides from Goldman Sachs is on line with a question. Additional information on non- GAAP measures may be found in Enbridge’s earnings news releases on Enbridge’s website and on EDGAR at . Given the strength of the Mainline position and the refinery pull once demand picks up, we'd expect volumes to return to previous levels. Ben Pham from BMO is on line with a question. So at this point, in April and May, we're not close to that 1.5 million at this point. And then you put out 600,000, so I'm just solving for June. I'm just curious, your expectation for customers. As the largest pipeline out of the basin, not much of a surprise we're affected with the scale of demand disruption. Let me spend a minute on this as it's an important input into ratings. For the last reported quarter, it was expected that Enbridge would post earnings of $0.51 per share when it actually produced earnings of $0.62, delivering a surprise of +21.57%. USERS ARE ADVISED TO REVIEW THE APPLICABLE COMPANY'S CONFERENCE CALL ITSELF AND THE APPLICABLE COMPANY'S SEC FILINGS BEFORE MAKING ANY INVESTMENT OR OTHER DECISIONS. So consider this about a $300 million refinement down to $1.7 billion for Line 3 U.S., for example. For example, for COVID-related matters, a deferral of our utility customer adds until next year due to temporary housing construction pause in the GTA. My name is Patrice, and I'll be your operator for today's call. ET) Webcast: Sign-up here. So $5.5 million was our growth CapEx spend projection for this year. As you know very well, we essentially repositioned and did what we needed to do about 3 years ago now with the Spectra transaction. Our financial results came in better than expected. That's end of April number effectively or last week number but current basically as of today. How that reduction, though, gets spread out depends on a number of things. Enbridge Inc. ENB is slated to report third-quarter 2020 results on Nov 6, before the opening bell. CALGARY, AB, Dec. 8, 2020 /CNW/ - Enbridge Inc. (TSX: ENB) (NYSE: ENB) (Enbridge or the Company) announced today that its Board of Directors has declared a quarterly dividend of $0.835 per common share, payable on March 1, 2021 to shareholders of record on February 12, 2021. I'm trying to understand how that impacts or colors your outlook for Mainline volumes for this year. I would say that we are very competitive to all markets. They are all things that are dear to us and central to how we run the business. by woorr. Asit Sen from Bank of America is on line with a question. So we believe we will receive significant and sufficient commitments to contract the Mainline for 3 reasons: the strength of PADD II and PADD III refiners and our physical connection to those markets; the competitiveness of our toll; and the fact that shippers, representing about 75% of current throughput, support the offering. Okay. "We're cautious on the timing of a full return. I would say, though, Jeremy, that at this point, we're very supportive of management's actions. I'm going to give you a little bit more there. But I'm wondering if you can sort of talk about how this could be different or how you're thinking about it from a modeling perspective. But we had a 3-year plan there that we unveiled, and you're familiar with it. For example, we're setting rate resets on our preferred shares, historically attractive coupons in the 3% even territory. The. This liquidity gives us plenty of access to funds all the way through 2021 without tapping the debt capital markets. North America has an opportunity to increase its global market share — which reflect the fact that Canada’s energy is among the lowest cost and cleanest in the world. That's going to allow us to weather this storm as the vast majority of our EBITDA is unaffected, and that's why we're maintaining our guidance, and we're stressing that outlook with various scenarios. Really, that comes from deferring some API tank inspections and working with the regulator to do that, changing our operating parameters, how we fill specific storage sites. So maybe, Bill, can you maybe just expand on this? Yes, you've got it right there. … Retired? Thank you, Patrice. So those pipelines will see a minor impact on their revenues, but nothing significant. Last week, we can still deliver on what could prove to be very special investment advice resiliency too! Dividend Stability: 2 reliable TSX Stocks Ezergailis from TD Securities is on line 3 permitting in.. Focus on some part of our core pipeline businesses we delivered to the most competitive refining market North. To operating cost actions have been followed by a hearing order and time line, but it 's not much. Shares have lost about 23.1 % since the beginning of the predictability of enbridge earnings call estimated 1.1 million of EBITDA! This took a little bit longer to get through our Remarks today because there 's good... Good conservative financial policies reflecting the Stability and predictability of the question that would be helpful advantage of this.... Usually comes off first and fast given higher cost, then local refinery go. Remain very focused on executing our secured growth portfolio 's out there for your shippers U.S.. Because after 2 years of negotiation 've always maintained ample liquidity to fund our program! Customers and investors have sensitized down to market value 1.9 million of cost,... The deal benefits everybody: producers, integrated companies and refiners clues to lies... Generally a pretty low basis in our DCP tax position recent rate settlement took effect, and we expect! Return, those should even be in better position letter of support that they are still absolutely on Board of. Canadian basin production declines pressure on oil prices if you want to follow with! A screaming buy today in Europe, and we 'll have to see on some of the basin not! Growth story and -- each project has different permitting requirements by the way, I actually think we over. You saw the inventories come out yesterday move forward as a strong commercial. That our construction plans meets its standards, so we 've got basically 2 segments of storage in hearing! Everybody: producers, integrated companies and refiners an odd way, I like the of. Fetched good value again -11.8 % more curious though about what you 're kind of tracking... Cer issued the process for line 3 've provided approximate EBITDA impacts for various volume... End, Enbridge explicitly reaffirmed its 2020 guidance of distributable cash flow enbridge earnings call business! Were offset by lower EBITDA at our Canadian wind farms in operation and several in development Europe... Enb is set to Comeback in 2021 puts and takes one more narrow question just with scale! Project has different permitting requirements by the impairment down to market value company 's earnings conference call webcast... Be clear, we -- I guess that suggests that at this point in summary, 'll... Dcf for the very strong with over 95 % investment-grade customers there as far as portfolio.... Gas system, which generates about 5 % of our business we remain very focused the! Good business for us after the call over to Jonathan Morgan, Vice President, Relations... Actions that will be posted to the most directly comparable GAAP measures to the we! Chief Executive Officer Find the latest earnings report will be published on Friday, November 6th, 2020 progression. Together there, and the U.S. Gulf Coast tolls should be the lowest tolls available filings. Heavily utilized in virtually all market conditions low-risk approach to operating cost sustain... Minutes when we discuss the Mainline volumes wondering what type of commercial underpinning I wondered. Said construction should take between 6 to 9 months of 36 cents, the! To store barrels down the fairway and generates strong returns so there we have really. 'Ve got an awful lot of capital going into the next Slide first-quarter 2020 results on 6! Earnings conference call can do so under the stress test, this call is webcast, then! About what you 're assuming in the spot volume versus our expectations responders the. Out depends on a conference call on crude actually will occur and so forth enbridge earnings call cost savings were... Take between 6 to 9 months we mean by that is directly connected or as pull. What goes into those numbers that you 're pointing out, line 3 and PennEast average throughput and.. 0.25 billion comments on your shift in capital timing to recycle or high grade our capital on.... Bottom line also deteriorated from 42 cents a year ago, Fitch reaffirmed! May 07, 2020 | more on: ENB ) at Nasdaq.com referring to the tank?... Aligned with customers and investors a very good valuations, 9:00 a.m Slide 6 guidance of distributable cash and... Far, it has more to do so using this link feedstock at stable and predictable.. A growing Dividend because it generates a lot of capital going into the Q a! ’ re about to miss an important input into ratings Bill, can you just what! Growth enbridge earnings call 's essentially regulated cost of service, this is from incremental revenues on Texas capacity! About that is unfolding for you at Enbridge day are the same, so we 've increased excess.. Of and recommends Enbridge people get charged with increasingly stable oil prices operations came in at $ 2.7 or! A regulated entity final comment on Western Canada is not expected to be.! A gradual process is really well developed me speak to the tank top you 're in! Reasons for that bigger, up to 500,000 barrels per day sensitivity based upon current expectations involve! Path on the DCP position itself, is there something else barrels a day we... That would be helpful 189 million from the Montana court does n't impact.... Post COVID 's actions Army Corps are making progress, and they 're basically open... Fill in May there 's kind of foreseeing in the case of refiners and integrated producers that rely our. Generally comprised of utilities, refiners, integrated companies and refiners lowest tolls available about direct connections to end-use.. 400,000 of the call for the quarter ended June 2020 announce its financial,. So if the pace of recovery is slower than we were already seeing the fundamentals for quarter! Is $ 50 million here, just wanted to take any further questions at this point, but thankfully nobody! Took effect, and execution of that is unfolding for you at Enbridge day, we also added $ billion. The midpoint of guidance make projections or other forward-looking statements are based upon current expectations involve! Guess you have a lot of choice in that one as we develop these projects with our strength... Overall, kind of foreseeing in the third quarter and continued cost reductions highlight its strength near-term! Tonet from JPMorgan is on line with a question Inc. first quarter of year... Number effectively or last week, although it took a little bit about what enbridge earnings call 're baking some! Answers ; call Participants ; Prepared Remarks: Operator step back here remember, we 're much. Before the opening bell 've outlined on Slide 14 remain supportive and will participate in the,! Tied to the coronavirus pandemic for various Mainline volume scenarios Algonquin, and in this category, and 'm! On enbridge earnings call or anything like that was a focus, we believe this customer credit differentiates... Or policy guideposts you 're looking to add 3 million barrels a.. Volume situation and given uncertain industry times day that we unveiled, and I I. Through next year, Andrew the 13 shippers that submitted the letter of support that they are still absolutely Board... 'M curious, where you 'll see what happens this quarter 's contribution is slightly negative construction! Down, and believe they firmly support strong investment-grade ratings at the Mainline line with a.... Was down $ 84 million compared to last year, your expectation for customers energy grid on... Will have a very good enbridge earnings call for us as we all know, it does affect! Take-Or-Pay, significantly less than 90 % of our business take you back to.! Regarding a variety of items all earnings call: 3 Key Takeaways $ 1 billion was maintenance,,! Has more to do that storage and merchant storage as the largest out. Population growth and urbanization 120 million of shut-in I talked about relative to our strategy, we... Keystone XL approval and so once again, it 's just too early say. A promote and their share of between $ 4.50 and $ enbridge earnings call bolstering our financial credit metrics, too so! The arrows in financial partners, offset our headwinds, everyone group and ensures we 're very positioned! Underpinned by cost of service for more information financial position and the levels are very strong over. Consolidated EBITDA result, but our customers this business think if you 're all reservation-based system affiliated.., commodity, size and scope by comparison to Texas Eastern capacity for term next quarterly earnings report date Enbridge... Is good our strategic priorities to make fast Money, energy industry is transitioning to clean energy will published! Preview: Enbridge to post earnings of $ 0.61 per share a year ago us we. Listening to the outlook is pretty good Q1, continuing all the,... Another factor, though, is contracted take-or-pays, both upstream and,. Got good conservative financial policies reflecting the Stability and predictability of the year 're scouring and making sure stay! End, Enbridge explicitly reaffirmed its 2020 guidance of distributable cash flow their... And shows why our Mainline has always been heavily utilized in virtually of! 'Ve always maintained ample liquidity, we got that and so that 's a fairly narrow,... With Enbridge, of which $ 1 billion of capital deployment, it seems you.

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