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Hi my name is Bill and a user of Spin Rewriter since 2012. I have found this writing tool to be one of the best software tool to help me re-write articles and then publish on my websites. Many people will use this spinner to spin one article into hundreds of articles. Personally I do not recommend that you do this because you will wind up with a bunch of duplicate content that does not pass Copyscape. Copyscape is another tool I use that cost 5 cents per article to make sure it is considered original content. Both of these content writing tools have made me a better writer over the years I have used them. My articles have gotten to where that they have about 25% to 50% my own original content. I do also write my own original content from start to finish. As you use SpinRewriter you will get better at writing articles and know how to structure your sentences and paragraphs so that they are very readable.

Getting Started With Spin Rewriter

With the current rules of Google and other search engines, the SEO marketing game is played differently than it was some years ago. Why is that? Search engines are paying greater attention to content and by that, it means that articles available online should prove to meet certain quality. Different businesses that bank on link building by submitting articles to sites such as blogs who allow guest posts and article directories in exchange for higher search engine ranks.  Many probably rely now on hiring teams of writers to produce original content but often these are of low quality or spins that do not make much sense. If you do hire someone make sure you read through the articles and correct poor English and make sure the article flows properly. Now if you  are looking for unique articles you may want to invest in a great SEO tool I found called Spin Rewriter.

Spinning Articles Require the Right Tool as Spin Rewriter

If you own a business and you count heavily on article submissions, you probably let a lot of money flow to content writers for their original articles that market your niche. Investing in a quality rewriting tool would definitely lessen the cost, because it will mean lesser people on the payroll. At the same time, it should not mean that the quality of the articles should suffer. I use Spin Rewriter as a tool to spin my articles and then I go through each spun article and check for proper use of words and that the article sounds and flows well. You really have to do this if you want a real good article. Don’t send out junk!!! Some people use the articles as is, do not do this because it makes you look bad. I personally like the human touch to make sure my articles are accurate and easily understood. I usually add a lot of my own personal content to the article, you really have to in order for the article to be top notch. When finished I have a unique article that I can call my own and happy to put my name to it. You should be the same way! Spin Rewriter is just a tool to help you. If you use it that way and like the way I have explained above then you will have articles worth reading.

Spin Rewriter is one of the best articles rewriting software available in the market today. Compared to other rewriters, this software promises to provide relevant synonyms using the bracket and pipe system. At the same time, it lets you manually add synonyms and take off the ones that make less relevance to the idea. Thanks to the software’s ENL semantic spinning technology, the rewriting tool analyzes entire sentences and paragraphs, which lends the tool’s ability to provide only relevant results. It would then yield tens or hundreds of unique, readable articles, depending on the level of spinning you apply. You can even get hold of the spintax to manually edit them or to be used as templates for similar niche articles you’d want to mass-produce. Read every one of these articles you mass produce and make sure you correct them. They will need some correction, you cannot get away from that.

Just remember that quality original content is KING! I run every thing I write through CopyScape to make sure it is original content. I spend too much time on my websites to have one of them get black listed by a search engine. Spend the extra time and do it right the first time. I have learned by my mistakes. The new Spin Rewriter 8.0 actually has made the articles even better then thay have ever been.

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