5 Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Be Using

5 Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Be Using


Basecamp is an awesome resource for entrepreneurs. Organize your clients, and employees all in the same program. Basecamp has such an extensive range of use, it’s ideal for anyone organizing projects or doing freelance work. Basecamp’s many functions allow your clients to log in and communicate with your clients. You can use it to ask questions, upload documents and more. On your employee end, you can assign projects, make and complete checklist, and more! Basecamp offers a generous 60 day free trial so that you can find if the functionality works for you.


Freshbooks is a great invoicing system! Organize your clients and invoices in one very easy to use system. Like Basecamp, you can use Freshbooks to organize projects and assign them to different employees. You can also make notes on your clients such as rates and any unique preferences. When it’s time to invoice your clients, they’ll be wowed by the professionalism offered by Freshbooks! There is awesome a very convenient time clock option that can be used when you are working on hourly work. The time clock option allows you to invoice your clients for the specific amount of time spent, down to the second!


Grasshopper gives you the professional telephone service of a large corporation, on a startup business budget! You’ll receive options of multiple line extensions, and recordings. With Grasshopper, you can customize everything down to the hold music! The best part? You can easily forward calls and respective phones, by designating extensions. This is a great way to separate your business calls from pleasure, while keeping all business correspondence organized and professional. Be sure to set voicemails up to come to your email as well, so that you can easily read them as a transcript when you’re on the go.


Dropbox is an invaluable cloud system that gives you a centralized location to securely store important documents, without using up your computer’s storage space. Set up different files for each of your clients, and easily share documents with your client whenever you need. Dropbox is easy, efficient, and has a free option for those not planning on using a lot of space.

Author Bio: With Canadian Free Stuff has worked at home for over 13 years – and has found these tools to be a life saver