so, too, either, neither exercises pdf

- "Neither (nor) do I." 1 both 2 neither 3 either 4 both 5 neither 6 either 7 both 8 neither Exercise 2. 6 So do I! Downloadable worksheets: "So do I." Neither / nor 12. either / or 13. . So, Neither. B: So do I! Need more practice? Tìm kiếm too either so neither exercises pdf , too either so neither exercises pdf tại 123doc - Thư viện trực tuyến hàng đầu Việt Nam Neither / nor 2. either 3. either 4. nor 5. Check answers with the class. 7 Neither could we. actions exercise. B. 1 I haven't seen either of them since last week. Either and Neither Exercise 2 Click here to review the information about 'either' and 'neither' Click here to download this exercise in PDF. Person A Person B English Exercises > general vocabulary exercises. Me too / Me neither. 2 She’s very intelligent - … What a coincidence! In this video, you can listen to a short dialogue and see a grammatical explanation about the expressions So / Neither / Either / Too Learn English with Papa Teach Me. 5 Neither did we. Two simple exercises to practice or review so-too either-neither English Exercises > pronouns exercises. Neither 14. or 15. either Grammar Note: (From the American Copy Editors Society) A tricky agreement problem: Neither-nor When two subjects are joined by neither-nor or either-or, choosing the right English Exercises > auxiliary verbs exercises. So - Too - Either - Neither. SO + Auxiliary/Be + Subject (pronoun) The Auxiliary (or To Be/Have) needs to agree with the verb tense in the original statement. It is similar to using TOO at the end of a sentence. 6 I don't like either jackets. the subject-verb inversion required with “so” and “neither”. . Neither 9. Answers: 1 A: I’ve got so much energy - I want to go jogging! Write a complete response. Neither 10. either 11. 7 Neither of them came to our party. (2015, 25, julio). SO, TOO/NEITHER, EITHER 1. positive sentence + positive response +_____ So + auxiliary verb + subject Get more Perfect English Grammar with our courses. Welcome to Perfect English Grammar! 2 She speaks neither Spanish nor French. 2 Tell students to correct the mistakes in each sentence/dialogue. Either So, But, Neither VOCABULARY PREVIEW 6. alarm clock 7. army 8. lightning 9. parking space 10. want ad 11. enroll 12. hide 13. kiss 14. walk my dog 15. work out 1. allergic 2. athletic 3. frightened 4. strict 5. lenient 131_SBSPLUS3_U10.QXD 12/7/07 11:06 PM Page 131. A. I’m allergic to cats. Downloadable worksheets: Pronouns of Agreement: So, Too, Either and Neither Level: advanced Age: 10-17 Downloads: 882 : either/neither so/too Level: intermediate 5 Neither of them is married. So - Neither - Either SO SO is used to show agreement with positive statements. English Grammar - So / Neither / Either / Too. Too And . Welcome! Neither 6. or 7. neither / nor 8. INSTRUCTIONS. 8 So do I. 4 She's both intelligent and witty. 3 I like neither/both of them. They can work in pairs or alone.

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