Forgotten Techniques to Increase Sales

Technology has become the most popular channel through which business is conducted. It makes it easier for business to reach customers and promote products and services. However, sometimes it is better to move outside the realms of the internet to achieve sales. Consider these forgotten techniques to increase sales.

– Selling in Homes

While this may not be completely forgotten, selling products in people homes have become a scarcer practice. However, studies show that people are more likely to make purchases from people they like and within a location they are comfortable in. Being invited into someones home is the best way to make them more comfortable. Plus, you can have the potential customer invite over more potential customers and increase your sales even further. Everyone loves to make purchases when they are having fun, so creating a situation where friends are having fun looking at products together will increase sales. Selling to little parties can also increase sales because sometimes friends have an innate desire to compete with each other and seeing someone buy a product may get others to purchase it too.

– Offer Unlimited Services

This is an excellent tactic that has gone out the window for a lot of business. While it is a perfect tactic to appeal to customers, it is not always feasible for some small businesses. However, every business can find something that they can make unlimited, like customer service calls or help learning how to work and update products.

– Campaigns

Advertisements are becoming more ridiculous as companies try to outdo each other to capture potential customer’s attention. Creating a catchy campaign to gain new customer’s doesn’t have to be aimed at the customers. It can be aimed at inspiring other companies to work with you. For example, if you are offering services to people that has the potential to be combined with a product company, then you should market to the product company. When the product company accepts, then you will also have had the potential of gaining all of their customers.

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Where To Use Keywords In Your Blog Posts

Using keywords is arguably the most effective way to draw targeted traffic to your blog. If you don’t know, keywords are the words or phrases that people use when they “google” something. If you choose effective keywords, your blog will get more traffic from search engines. But if you choose poor keywords, nobody will ever find you through online searches.

Once you’ve chosen the keyword you want to target, it’s important that you use them in the most effective way. The best practices for SEO are constantly changing, so that methods that worked well a year or two ago may actually be harmful today.

This post recommends conservative methods that are likely to be effective for the long-term. Here are 5 places you should be using your keyword.

1. In The Title

Using your keyword in the post title is the single most important thing you can do to effectively use keywords. Be sure to keep the keyword intact; meaning that you shouldn’t change any words in it or add extra, connecting words. You can do that in the body of the post, but not in the title.

2. In The URL

The URL is the address where your post can be found. If you’re using WordPress software (most bloggers do), then your post title should automatically be used in the URL (also called “permalinks”).

3. In The Summary/Meta Description

If you’re using a meta description or summary, then be sure to include your keyword in there too. Most SEO plugins for WordPress will have this option available.

4. In The Body

Use your keyword at least once in the text of your article. In the past, using the keyword in the introduction, section headings, body, and conclusion were recommended (because that method was so effective), but doing so today may be overkill and get you penalized by Google in an upcoming algorithm update. Use the keyword once or twice and you’re good.

5. In Your Image And Video Titles/Tags

When you upload a picture or video to your blog, it often has some randomly-generated, alpha-numeric title like, “asdf1234.jpg”. This has no SEO value, so use your keyword for one of those images and for one of your video clips (if you use video in the post).

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How Creating a Brand Can Help Your Home Business

Branding is a commonly used term to refer to how a company or product presents itself to build trust and become more successful. While branding can be a very vague concept, it is something that everyone subconsciously does when purchasing products and services. For example, Apple has a reputation for providing top of the line electronics that can do unbelievable things. This reputation, or branding, often brings in customers who are willing to purchase items they know little about because they trust the company and the products it provides. Consider these top ways that branding your company can help your home business.

Creating a trustworthy brand involves researching what you can offer and what your competition offers, building a business strategy and public image that people can trust, and a recognizable style, logo and positive perception within your community. While some of these components may seem overwhelming, they often develop themselves over time by always practicing good business ethics and customer service. Creating a recognizable style and logo is important because the point of creating a brand is that when a customer trusts a company because of their own personal experiences with one product, they will be able to see and recognize the logo on other products and will project their trust in purchasing more.

Along with building a company, you must work to build a positive public image. Public image affects weather or not people will come to your business and if they will come back again in the future. This is especially important for home based businesses because word of mouth and personal recommendations from past customers will result in free advertising within your community. However, word of mouth and personal recommendations work both ways, so if the perception of your business is positive then you may acquire new customers and if it is negative you may be putting yourself out of business.

While it takes a lot of work and planning to run a business, it is important to remember than branding can either make or break your company. The easiest way to make sure that your company is branding successfully is to do your research, build a business strategy and keep in mind the public’s image and perception of the company and all of its products. When all these components line up, it is easy to build a loyal customer base from home.