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Are you a work from home mom? If so I want to give you a BIG welcome to my website. If I can help you in any way let me know by placing comments on this site. We know as work from home mom that we do in deed work and plan our day to get our business goals accomplished each and every day. Some days it can be hard to judge our motherly duties of keeping up with everything going on in our families and also run a business. Some people just don’t know how hard it can be.

When I first started my home business I really did not know what to do and which way to take my home business. I found that the internet is my friend but it also can be my enemy and rob me of precious time that is better spent marketing online instead of chatting and playing games online. Do not get caught in that trap! The video below will give you some simple and basic tips you need to do to make you feel like you are actually planning to do some work from home.

When Being A Work From Home Mom Becomes Playing From Home?

I have found myself going from working from home to playing from home in a matter of minutes. I will be moving along working on my ideas I have come up with to market my business online and the next thing you know I’m caught up in some game or article reading that I had not even planed on. Distractions can happen so easy. When I am on the internet focusing on getting an advertising campaign going I will first look at my favorites that I use all the time but then I get off into a tangent looking at something new that I have discovered. Often the new discoveries pan out to be a worthwhile time spent picking up an idea or just something new that I have not thought of.

I start playing when I have about 20 to 30 windows open on my computer at one time. I have Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome all open at the same time looking at everything in sight. I forget what I was doing and the webpage and website I was working on is lost among all the pages I have opened up. I feel like the Circus Clown that is trying to keep 20 plates spinning at one time. Try that, it’s almost impossible. It amounts to playing because you are doing a lot and accomplishing nothing. So close down all those windows you have open that you already forgot why they were open anyway and concentrate on the ones that are important. Your playing is over and its time to do the real work on the important things in your business as a work from home mom.

Important things to do for the Work From Home Mom

Work From Home Mom
Work From Home Mom

We all have and do different things on the internet that we feel is more important than others. There are some people that are fantastic on Facebook. They get the major portion of their business from Facebook. Some of you have your own blog or are great at interacting with people on blogs around the internet. If you want to share your information with the readers of this site then you can put it in the comments below. I’m doing this blog site to get a lot of information out into the open for everyone. I’m not here to push a product or company on you. I’m just blogging with the hope I get others blogging.

5 Things To Make You feel Like You Are In Business

You want to make a space in your house to run your home business from. Its important to feel like you are at work and that you plan to accomplish some objectives throughout the time you have set aside to run your business. Here are 5 easy tips in the video below that will get you ready to start your business day off in the right direction.

As a work from home mom you have got to structure your day so that you accomplish your list of daily goals as described in the first video on this page. There are some things that you just need to do in order to have a home business. Having a space in your house or apartment that you can call your office is probably the first thing you need to do. This area will probably need a desk for your computer and a work area along with a comfortable chair, and then some type of shelving for a printer, books and office supplies. If you have to make this area in the corner of your bedroom or where ever you have extra space, then do so.

If you have your business picked out then you can start working. If you do not have a business as of yet then you are now in position to start doing research. Spend some time doing this step because it is probably the most important thing you will be doing in the getting started phase of your business.